Bronze and aluminum castings via sand-moulds or lost-wax ceramic shell method


Metal fabrication of plain goods and castings for architectural, furnishing and designer/interior applications

Finishing + Patina

Patination and refined surface hand-finishing or polishing for metal and glass, including metal lacquer and epoxy coats as specified

Blown Glass

Hand-blown and mould-blown forms in a variety of approaches and colors for sculpture, objects and lighting components

Cast Glass

Kiln-casting, direct-casting, fusing, forming and slumping, cold-working of edges and surfaces by hand.  

Pattern + Mould

CNC pattern boards for sand moulds, silicone molds for sculptural patterns, tooling for metals machining, refractory moulds for glass casting as well as blow-moulds for handblown forms.

Limited Editions

Limited editions and production runs of cast furnishings, frames, components, lighting, and sculpture objects.  Special attention is paid to details such as maker's marks, artist stamps, signatures and edition numbers  


Restoration and repair of cast or fabricated metal-based products and sculpture / objects in an array of patina options on bronze, steel, brass, aluminum and other alloys                                                                       

Customs + Prototypes

Unique customs and original prototype services offer opportunities for designers to evolve from initial idea to a unique and refined product.  



Casting reproductions with patina applied to match historic cast metal components.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Product development and consultation services from early concepts or renderings through hand-carved or CNC produced models and on to CNC production patterns and prototyping / patina and glass color sample development